We Are Moving to WeHo

CA South is excited to announce that they will be moving their office to the Wedgewood-Houston area. The real estate development firm is turning an industrial building located on 1219 Fourth Ave Nashville, TN 37210 into CA South’s new headquarters.

This building was originally constructed by Purina Mills, which made distribution easier with its close access to the railroad nearby. The current owner purchased the building in 1970 and it has been operated as Richey Capacitor Inc for over 50 years, which is an aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors facility.

This WeHo property is about 5,600 sq. ft. Currently, the new office is undergoing extensive renovations.

The architect on this project is AlexPettas who is also designing 900 8th avenue for CA South, a 270+ unit mixed use project near the current CA south headquarters.

The building is in a designated Opportunity Zone and provides a unique opportunity to own a historic building in the rapidly expanding and exciting Wedgewood-Houston area.

CA South’s new office neighbors’ current developments such as Nashville Warehouse Co., May Hosiery, T3 Finery, WeHo Flats, Standard Assembly, and WeHo Crossing. Future neighbors will include SoHo house and Apple Music across the street.

“We couldn’t be more excited. I’m looking forward to transforming this space into a contemporary masterpiece while preserving the buildings heritage and history,” Meg Epstein, CEO & Founder of CA South. Meg and her growing team plan to be moved into the office by November of 2021.

Currently, CA South is located in a mixed-use property built by the development company at 918 South St.

“However, with the team continuing to grow, we need more space” – says Meg. “ CA South couldn’t be more excited to share our journey as we transform this historic space into our own.”

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