About The Firm


It didn’t take long for CA South’s founder, Megan Epstein, to recognize the opportunity to develop projects on a much larger scale in the Nashville market. She took her first steps towards this goal with the development of the Illume building in an opportunity zone only one mile from downtown. Given its proximity to downtown, the neighborhood was over-ripe to be redeveloped in the same vein as other neighborhoods like Germantown and East Nashville had recently experienced. Since development of the Illume project, the team has acquired several other properties in the same neighborhood.

In addition to CAS geographical footprint, CAS has also expanded into additional asset classes condo, multi family, industrial/logistics. Today, CA South’s projects span the entire Nashville metro area, stretching from the high-income suburb of Franklin to the rapidly growing suburb of Hendersonville. In addition, CA South has projects underway along the Cumberland river (only a 5 minute walk to downtown) and in the trendy neighborhood of Wedgewood Houston.

Location: Nashville, TN

Established: 2016

Community Involvement

The projects we invest ourselves in focus on improving the overall lifestyle of the community and establishing a positive environment for everybody.

CA South Works with Local Groups to achieve this. we are actively involved: