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Our mission is to develop modern, lifestyle-efficient projects in the cities we live, work, and call home.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop modern, lifestyle-efficient projects in the cities we live, work, and call home. We want to change the way people interact with their communities, while bringing a West-coast design aesthetic to the heart of the Southeast.

Our vision

To be one of the most forward-thinking investors and developers of real estate in the Southeast. We are elevating the quality of the built environment while creating opportunistic returns in undersupplied markets and asset classes.

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Making things efficient has been my ambition for as long as I can remember. Creating modern spaces with superior design that changes the way people live and work has been the foundation of my career. After a decade in California, I have brought my vision to the South in founding my company CA South.

At CA South we are changing the way our community is shaped and the way investors maximize returns by extremely well thought-out projects in under supplied markets. We are building a vertically integrated real estate development and investment management company, and more importantly, a team of incredibly capable architects, contractors, finance minds, and staff that are dedicated to our vision.

Being a female founder can definitely engender a few surprised looks when I walk on to the jobsite or into a board room to raise money for our next project, but I think after the contractors and investors spend a little time with me, they realize I am trying to bring something wholly new, original and creative to real estate development.

Watch this space for where CA South is about to head – I know I’m certainly looking forward to the ride.

Meg Aubale Epstein, Founder & CEO

Real Estate Development

We look to cutting edge development techniques to create value where others may have thought it couldn’t exist. We are vertically integrated from the design phase, to engineering, to construction. Combine these with deep local market knowledge and we are empowered to create lasting value.

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Investment Management

As a vertically integrated investment management firm, we combine ground-up operating expertise and local knowledge with top-down financial research and underwriting to optimize execution for our investors. Our decisions are guided by decades of real estate investment experience and a focus on what’s best for the investor.

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About The Firm

CA South planted its flag in Nashville Tennessee in 2016 and quickly made an impact as it acquired several residential properties to re-develop and re-imagine for the new demographic of people moving to Nashville from the coasts. We’ve taken that same skill set and are now applying it to large scale residential condo projects across the city.

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