Reasons Why an Internship is Important and Beneficial

We all know what an internship looks like in movies. An intern picks up the coffee, delivers the lunch, writes notes on a notepad in the corner of a conference room, and acts as a fly on the wall in the office. What isn’t talked about in these scenes is the valuable experience and benefits of an internship. There are necessary experiences an intern gains from workplace experience.  

I have interned at CA South for over a month and have already acquired numerous learning opportunities. I’ve researched various industries and markets in the United States, advanced my Excel and Costar abilities, and learned how to navigate a work environment positively. I have been fortunate to have lunch with professionals inside CA South and received impactful advice on what to do in the future. The ten reasons internships are beneficial: 

  1. Gain professional work experience
  2. An opportunity to find out what interests you
  3. Develop work/life balance
  4. Incorporate what you learn in classes into the professional world
  5. Networking – how to build connections
  6. How to navigate a professional environment
  7. What makes someone successful
  8. Branding yourself (e.g., social media presence)
  9. Learning specific career skills
  10. Expert career advice

My main advice to aspiring professionals is to pay attention to how you promote yourself. Spend time thinking about what you want your personal brand to be. Watch your social media presence and be conscientious of how you interact with people. Develop your talents, know what you are good at, and use that in your career. A professional and positive work presence will lead you to success.  


This was written by Maggie Holst, an intern at CA South. Maggie is a rising sophomore at St. Bonaventure University and a business major.