Meg Epstein Guest Lectures at Lipscomb University

Thank you to Jeff Thompson, Ph. D., for having our CEO, Meg Epstein, as a guest lecturer at Lipscomb University.

Jeff is a crisis counselor, researcher, Psychological Autopsy Investigator,  and law enforcement detective. He is currently an adjunct associate research scientist at the Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology Division at the New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center and he is the New York City Police Department’s Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator. He has been engaged in a variety of crisis incidents ranging from barricaded perpetrators, large-scale incidents, suicidal and homicidal persons, and terrorist incidents.

During Meg’s time at Lipscomb, she shared valuable leadership, conflict, and resilience skills with students in the Master’s Conflict Management program.

“There’s a lot of suffering that went into me getting to where I am now. You can’t have either one. You can’t be completely miserable at what you’re doing to push through. You have to have some ounce of passion for what you’re doing. You also can’t be super passionate about something and not be willing to suffer through it. It’s about balance.”

– Meg Epstein