Local Artist Spotlight | Kimberly Clo

Without artists, the world would be far less beautiful. That is why CA South is committed to empowering local artists and creating a meaningful impact in our community.

In this post we are excited to feature local artist, Kimberly Clo.

Kimberly is based in Middle Tennessee, and is a visual artist who is ruthlessly devoted to communicating LOVE through ordinary means and the irresistible language of color, geometric expression, precious metals and a jillion dots.

Kimberly recently brought an array of her work for us to view, and we ultimately chose her Focal Plane Indicator piece.

Here is Kimberly’s insight on the piece:

“Some old-school cameras have a symbol on the body of the apparatus. The symbol indicates where on the body of the camera the actual lens is focusing.
Where is my attention?
I can always tell by what is coming out of me.
It can be no other way.
Just like a camera cannot take a picture of anything but whatever it happens to be focused upon at the time with no judgement.
It simply opens and closes with focus.
Same with you and me.”