Callis Road Update

Located in Lebanon Tennessee is a 33-acre industrial site we reference as Callis Road. The development is an industrial project that CA South put under contract for third-party sale. The project was completed in partnership with Griffin Partners, based in Houston Texas, who saw our vision for the site.

The project is meant to serve and accommodate the near non-existent product for the smaller user requiring Class A, concrete tilt-up ​facility, while they service other industrial clients and larger corporate users. The site capitalized on the “gap in the market” by positioning the total 375,000 SF, 4-story development into rear load spaces serving the small to medium sized industrial tenant-base.

The majority of the equity for the project came from, which is a popular platform for veteran investors. The platform allows multiple investors to pool their money and collectively invest in larger real estate projects than they could otherwise do on their own. 

As an investor in a crowdfunding deal, you, along with dozens or even hundreds of other investors, purchase a portion of interest in a property or real estate project, similar to owning shares in a company. Capital that is raised goes to the real estate developer to invest in building, renovating or recapitalizing the property, which generates ROI for each investor. 

In short, Callis Road was a success story for our team. It produced the meaningful returns for our investors and allowed for us to diversify our portfolio. We believe in approaching our deals with a team. And this development was a collaborative effort ending with a huge win for all parties involved.