CA South Sells $24.5M Condo Development

Downtown Nashville has seen an exceptional amount of public and private investment in the past decade. Downtown redevelopment has included doubling the connections across the river that once divided the state’s most lucrative tourism center. Office towers, retail and residential centers rose throughout the region but the Cumberland has remained an afterthought . . . until now.

Since its inception in 2015, CA South’s Founder and CEO, Meg Epstein, has developed over 1.3M SF of real estate in Tennessee. Meg has always felt that the focus for Nashville development should be on the river. With that thought in mind, starting 4 years ago, a residential community on the river was developed.

The development firm’s most recent project, Eve, is a 28-unit luxury short-term rental eligible residential condominium community on the Cumberland River. The project resulted from a partnership between CA South, The Bradley Projects and Compass Development Marketing Group. The Project sits at 700 First Ave. N., right across the Cumberland River from Oracle Corp.’s proposed tech campus.

Each of the residences combines natural beauty with the comforts of a perfectly appointed home. The interior includes custom engineered wood flooring, matte black wood cabinetry, Brazilian Calcutta marble and LG appliances. Glowing sunset Cumberland River views and boats passing by create a distinct sense of tranquility. Views of the burgeoning skyline and Nissan Stadium create an immediate sense of unmistakably arriving in Nashville.

When asked what the concept of luxury means to CA South, Meg responded, “Luxury is a feeling one derives from an experience . . . which is our primary focus as we envision future projects. In this case, the experience is relaxing on your cantilevered balcony, coffee in hand, as the sun rises over the Cumberland.”

To ensure the brand matches the experience, a tailored approach is needed for each development. For Eve, CA South was fortunate to align with several local interior designers and artists. Mayker Interiors and Lauren Houston of Lauren Ashley Designed, created beautiful condo retreats for Nashville guests. Duncan McDaniel, with Art Up Nashville, used acrylic on canvas to emulate the movement of the Cumberland River.

With nearly $25 million contracted in only 1 month on the market, Eve has set record sales for Nashville. As an industry expert in the short-term rental condo space, CA South looks to replicate this strategy in markets throughout the Southeast.

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