CA South Expands onto 8th Ave

CA South’s project on 910 8th Ave will include 300 multifamily units as well as restaurant space.

The entire ground floor facing 8th Ave South will be anchored by restaurant users. It is proposed illustratively with terraces occupied with outdoor seating. Loading is in an alley which wraps around adjacent properties.

The project fills a desperately needed void in the Nashville residential market; “affordable luxury” apartments near trendy neighborhoods and restaurants with modern contemporary design.

Architecturally the building reflects that of newly constructed modern homes in nearby Edgewood. 

The demolition for 910 8th Ave began September 17th and CA South hopes to complete the project within 12-16 months.

CA South’s development team is the pioneering force behind the redevelopment of the 8th Avenue South Corridor. 910 8th Ave will be the 5th project along the corridor, providing first-hand experience developing a project in the location.