Bitcoin Conference

CA South’s founder, Meg Epstein, is a big believer in Bitcoin.

Meg attended the bitcoin conference in Miami this past week to learn more about the many breakthroughs in adoption and use cases.

CA South maintains a portion of its corporate treasury in Bitcoin, as pioneered by Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy Inc (NASDAQ: MSTR). CA South’s CFO is apprehensive to hold a large portion of our treasury in our corporate crypto account, having come from the traditional world of investment banking, but sees value in keeping a small percentage of our holdings in Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and fiat currency debasement (government money printing).

CA South is actively exploring innovative blockchain partnerships that help investors, condo buyers, and tenants improve liquidity, transparency, or security.

We encourage other companies in the Real Estate industry, which has traditionally lagged other industries in the adoption of disruptive technology, to explore how they can utilize bitcoin to attract customers, lower transaction costs, and improve operations and profitability.