Operations Support Administrator
Mark Huber

Mark is the point person on the team to handle system support when tech isn’t working the way it needs to. He keeps track of email accounts, logins, access levels, and anything else related to the systems behind the work. Mark has been working with Meg and Stephen Epstein in an Operations role since 2014.

Prior to joining forces with Meg and Stephen, Mark worked in several small startup businesses as the COO alongside a visionary CEO. He has a unique fit as an executive right hand man, taking high level strategy and turning it into efficient production steps without additional time and oversight from the leader. This has proven to be a very successful dynamic working with the Epsteins.

Mark earned his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Miami before completing a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at Clarkson University. He relocated to St. Petersburg, FL after living in Nashville for 5 years and continues his work with Meg and Stephen remotely.

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