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"Meg is a creative investor/developer that is passionate about her projects. Her attention to detail helps elevate her team to perform to the best of their abilities. She is loyal and operates with the upmost integrity. She is Nashville trendsetter and I cannot wait to see how she continues to grow her business."

Byran Fort - Eakin Partners // Development Director + Broker

"Working with Meg Epstein is an exercise in clarity, politeness and advocacy. She will advocate excellent pricing in negotiations, find creative solutions for financing and practice excellent detail in project management and cost tracking. I would recommend to work with Meg only if you are serious about completion of an excellent project on time - she demands nothing less."

AAPRE LLC // Tyler J. Kimbro Project, Manager + Consultant

It has been a true pleasure working with Meg Epstein. Her creative insight in commercial and multi-family development, leadership skills and willingness to go that extra mile for the project are a testament to her drive to be an industry leader in the development of Metro Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Certified Construction Services // Scott DeLano, Principal

Her honesty, ability to push on schedule, and communication skills were am invaluable asset to our project and will be to future enterprises as well.

William Hefner Architects // Carla Vaga AIA, LEED AP