Luxury Livingness: New Canaan, Ct & Bedford, Ny

New Canaan, CT & Bedford, NY

When I was in my teens, I started having my mom drive me through nice neighborhoods to look at all of the pretty houses. She would spend hours with me, as I made her stop at my favorites, over and over again.

Last weekend, we went to visit our family in Bedford, New York so decades later, I dragged my cousin out instead to romp around the area. We drove through Bedford, NY and New Canaan, CT, and everything was so…picturesque. The neighborhoods were peaceful. You get the feeling that everyone who lives there must step right out of a magazine page into a perfect life. Here are some pictures of our little house hunt.

Whatever my whereabouts, it has become one of my favorite pastimes to see how other people live and admire the architecture in different places. New Canaan and Bedford opened my eyes up to the East Coast lifestyle on this chilly morning in Spring.

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