Developer Reality: Transactions Abroad


This was actually quite funny. The good news is I closed on a project that was lingering on the market in California, tying up working capital! The hard part was being on a sail boat without out wifi in the middle of the ocean. My husband and I agreed to a work-free zone for the 2 weeks on our honeymoon, so it was a miracle I even got the email from my investment partner, saying that I would be bought-out (I “plugged in”…just for a moment, at a coffee shop… it’s an addiction worse than the caffeine I realize). Anyways, this was exciting!

Now, I needed to get an American Notary to stamp the paperwork before our next loan payment was due the following week, which wasn’t going to fly seeing as we were in the British Virgin Islands. However, we were on our way to Aruba, and would be stopping in Curacao where there was a US Embassy. Great, I had a plan.

Until I got there, exactly per the limited hours they were open from the website, following the exact instructions- the guard told me to come back later, they were busy! The ship I was on was sailing away that evening, and we were only in Curacao for the rest of the day! I didn’t want to spend the day driving back and forth to the embassy. Thankfully, because of Stephen’s grace in convincing the guard to let us through (I was throwing a fit at that point), several hours later, we walked out with the little special stamp on the paper. The paperwork was on the next Fedex flight out of there, and I crossed my fingers that that was everything needed for me close (and finally get paid!).

On that note, I had a loan on the property that I was selling, that works out to approximately $3,000/week. It is difficult to think of “time is money,” everyday you are under construction and not sold, but as a developer, this is a reality. Each day ticks away the bank account, so vacation or not, I was happy to find this solution.

Development Takeaway: Assign a power of attorney to someone you trust. Especially, before traveling. Developers and contractors tend to overlook paperwork and details like this, but it is worth it to be legally and administratively prepared.

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