An Adventure: Moving Into The First Project


Belle Meade, Nashville, TN

You’re looking at my new home…well, for the time being. So, I have learned many lessons so far starting on my own in Nashville. The first, is that I am no longer in California where cash $2M+ buyers aren’t plentiful. The second, is that modern homes in the traditional neighborhood of Belle Meade, is going to take the right buyer. Lastly, as a developer, you don’t want to sell a home that only appeals to a small portion of the population.

My first project (view posting here) has been on the market several months now, as the market here has cooled slightly from the furor of the spring. It is an election year, so I am hoping buyers are hesitant, and that the project will sell in the early spring if not sooner. I have made some improvements to the front of the home, as pictured above, to add curb appeal, as feedback from the locals was that it was too modern and stark (though my California architect and developer loved the sleekness of it!). But, I have to do what appeals to the buyers here, so I added soft landscape lighting, a front walk way to make more inviting, additional landscaping, planters at the balcony, and lanterns.

In the meantime, I might as well enjoy this beautiful home I am paying for anyways. I cannot say that my husband is thrilled about being uprooted from our Germantown condo, but I am sure when he gets settled in the luxurious master suite, he will love it- I am just hoping to not get too spoiled with all that closet space! So, we embark on this adventure, I will keep you updated!

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